April 19th, 2005

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Ups, downs, good times, bad times, the rollercoaster commonly known as life is once again going full speed ahead.

Applied for a job as croupier (dealer) at the local casino, but got turned down for being overqualified. Shame, that job pays just as much for half the hours I'm working now. Got tipped about a job at Rotterdam Zoo, but can't find the job offer anywhere on the internet. Where exactly did you see it, thaily? In the mean time I'll just hang on to my current job, but I can't remember the last time I looked forward to a day at work. Too much shit, too much stress, and too little time for doing the things I *want* to do.

At least I have some moments to relax and not think about anything workrelated. One moment as such was last thursday when I talked bander and maartje into joining me for shopping and food in The Hague. Bought me the Gamemaster Manual for Fireborn, the roleplaying game where YOU are the dragon.... Maybe I should follow bander's example and start up a campaign through LJ.

Ah, and then there's the Elf Fantasy Fair this weekend. Things naturally won't go as planned. I asked the entire weekend off, but then something happened: There are two parties at work next saturday. One of them originally had 120 guests, but they bumped it up to 270, meaning my chances of getting a day off were blows to smithereens. So, no Elf for me this saturday, and roomie Rick will have to pick up celtic_man from Schiphol Airport. Don't worry, _graywolf_, I'll take good care of him and deliver him to you safe and sound on sunday ;) By the way I have an extra ticket for Elf, since I'm not going on saturday. So... if anyone's going on sunday, I can save you an hour in line at the entrance.

Any more to report? Can't think of anything. Still no third roomie. There were a few candidates, but none of them took the room. And so I keep on paying too much money for my apartment while I don't earn enough to get a decent loan for buying an apartment. Do I seem too obsessed with work and money to you?
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