April 1st, 2005

Rob is standard

Alkeehol again

My life would've probably been a whole lot simpler if I hadn't been to Hotel Management School. I'd probably stuck to one or two beers a week, maybe the occasional glass of wine and that would've been that. But alas, one of the most important things you learn at that school is to at least try everything once before saying you don't like it. Add to that my curiosity (bordering on the level that kills cats) and you can imagine I try a lot of things.

My current alcoholic collection consists of the following things:
- a small winerack with about 10 bottles of wine, most of them gifts.
- a tiny sample bottle of La Trappe beer-liquor, am sampling it now and quite surprised by the sweet taste, comparable to Jagermeister
- a tiny sample bottle of Baerenfang honey-liquor
- a bottle of Sake, japanese rice wine. Complete with two small cups and a serving bottle
- Bushmills Malt 10-year-old Irish whiskey
- Bushmills Malt 16-year-old Irish whiskey which has been stored in bourbon, port wine and sherry barrels.
- Pimm's, an English tradition. Tasty on hot days with a slice of orange, a slice of lemon, a slice of cucumber (!), mint and 7-up.
- Newest addition: Absinthe!, Teichenne, a spanish brand with all the original ingredients in it. _graywolf_ will probably be waiting at my doorstep tomorrow morning :D

So please don't label me as an alcoholic (since I don't drink daily, and when I drink it's only in small amounts ;), but rather as a connaisseur. If anyone has any good (unusual) suggestions for me, bring it on! :) Life's too short to waste on bad booze.
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