September 16th, 2004

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I wish that post-by-phone option is gonna be available to Holland as well. I'm too lazy to type much today. Did some cleaning at home, found an old personal phone-booklet. Tried a few numbers with various results. Old friend from highschool is living nearby, working at the Dutch Congress Bureau. Another old friend's number wasn't working anymore and finally I called an ex-colleague from way back at Center Parcs. She's been sitting home now for over a year, diagnosed with a muscle-disease (spier-reuma for the dutchies). Turns out that almost everyone from the 'Glory days' at the Family Restaurant has either moved on, retired or quit. Would be fun to get a reunion together, but my guess is that no one is willing to put the time and energy into tracking everyone down.

Watched "The Terminal" yesterday with Rick. It comes VERY highly recommended if you haven't seen it yet, a feel-good movie with another brilliant performance by Tom Hanks. In the mean time, Rick spent a wad of cash on PS2 games, since the local CD and game shop had a big sale (3 for the price of 2), so now we've added Burnout 3, Shellshock Nam 67 and Second Sight to our games collection. I might be tempted to get a few platinum titles (cheaper ;) like Jax & Daxter or Ratchet & Clank. Silly me, owning games without owning a console. Oh well, by the time one of us moves out of the house, a Playstation 2 will be even cheaper than it already is (price dropped to 150 euro's recently).

Damn, I've already typed more than I wanted to. Time to clean my desktop PC while playing Horizons on the laptop. Finished CSI Dark Motives a few days ago. I love the original series, Miami does less for me. I'm curious to see how CSI New York is gonna look.

And look, I made a post without talking about my job. It's possible! :D
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