February 11th, 2004

Rob is standard

I love ebay

I've seen The Lion King on Broadway. (After standing in the cancellation line for 3 hours)
I've seen The Lion King in London (strange, those british accents when you're used to the Broadway soundtrack :) Thanks, afya!)

And on May 21st, my parents and I are going to .....

The Lion King in Holland!

Someone had to sell his top-seat tickets (with dinner included!) on Ebay, because he has to go on a businesstrip. I won the auction :) And with a very good deal, I might add.
So... in 3 months from now, I'll be having dinner in The Lion King restaurant (in the theater) before sitting down in my (somewhere in the front-rows) seat and enjoy the show for the third time. (In dutch this time o.O)

s'Avonds bloeit de liefde op, lalalala
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