October 22nd, 2003

Rob is standard

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Phone is back in my possession, SIM card activated again. I can communicate once more. No word from keys.
Diet's coming along slowly. I should've lost some pounds already. According to dad, I should drink even more. I don't think I can manage 4 liters a day.... I already have to pee every hour!!

Minor rant: For work, I have to make quite a lot of phonecalls. And often I get put on hold while being put through. I don't mind the beeps. I'm pleasantly surprised when I can listen to 30 seconds of music (I've heard Red Red Wine, Vivaldi, Kenny G, etc.). But if there's one thing I can't stand it's those cheap bleepy synthesized songs you normally hear coming out of a musical greetingcard. The Entertainer *bleepdebleep* Fuer Elise *bleepdebleep* AARGH! How the heck do they expect me to still take them seriously after having to listen to those grueling, childish machines!?
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