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September 25th, 2003

Sep. 25th, 2003

Earlier today, I had the follow-up chat to my evaluation at work. They're gonna move me. I didn't live up to the expectations my boss had of me when I started at Sales & Marketing. This is not my fault, and I shouldn't see it as failure. As she said: "You are pure gold, and full of qualities and potential, just not in Sales." So for the next few months I can keep myself busy with the Marketingplans for the outlets in the Hotel, but all Sales-related activities have been taken away. No more travelling, no more phoning contactpersons, no more representing the hotel abroad.

F to the u-c-k. That's what made the whole job interesting. In the mean time I also have to decide what new direction I want to take. Do I want to stay at the hotel (for both my boss and the lady from Personell have told me they don't want to see me leave)? Do I still want to try and pursue a career in Sales, but elsewhere? I don't know. At least I'm discovering what I'm good at and what I'm not so good at. I can tell I like to work on a project-basis, give me a project and I'll dive right in to it. Research is also a big quality. I speak four and a half languages, I like to work with people and guests. I like to entertain. I do NOT like telemarketing.

A logical choice for me would be to go back to 'the floor', back to F&B. Thing is, I've had it with irregular hours, working nights and weekends. How the hell will I ever find a job that seems tailormade for me? At least I'm still safe until march next year, after that, time will tell.


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  • 19 Apr 2013, 08:42
    Ooo, somehow I had missed this post (my fault for not checking LJ often anymore LOL)

    Great summary, it made me feel all happy and excited as well! :D I'll so have to do that one day heheh. Must be…
  • 17 Apr 2013, 14:58
    Respect hoor, echt super! (Misschien is de nacht van de vluchteling iets voor je?)

    Grappig - ik had geen idee dat er ook whatsappende studentjes meededen, alleen serieuze renners.
  • 6 Jun 2012, 22:11
    Best of luck with that. But best to man up and do it that risk losing more eyesight later. :/

    If you wanna go for a drink after that, lemme know.
  • 4 Jun 2012, 19:30
    I hear ya! The reason why I haven't even considered getting laser surgery to correct my eyesight is that the thought of having someone messing with my eyes and me not being completely knocked out…
  • 4 Jun 2012, 12:11
    It is a routine operation, but yeah, I understand the anxiety.
    The idea of people fucking around with my eyes, rgrjhrhajanklxk..
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