May 3rd, 2003

Rob is standard


OK, got back from Frankfurt by driving in the pouring rain for nearly 6 hours. Good thing I had my Chillout-CD's with me (long live The Ministry of Sound for their great music. Otherwise I'd have lost my mind.

Did the follow up the past two days and now I'm back in my ole hometown Maastricht for a LAN weekend. Sometimes I have these Hardcore Gamer moods, and I can only cure them by locking myself up in an apartment with 5 other nutcases to play and battle and shoot and frag. Thank GOD I only do this once a year. I don't want others to see me as a social outcast, since that's the stereotype that hardcore gamers get pinned down on :D

See you all on monday. I hope the daylight won't hurt too much :D
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    Daft Punk - Crescendolls