April 6th, 2003

Rob is standard

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Well, tomorrow I'll be on the plane to Germany..... Tomorrow night will be my first major event as a Sales & Marketing dude: a networking reception. Basically: trying to beat the worldrecord businesscard swapping. Or so I've heard. After that: three days standing in a booth at a convention for international meeting planners. Everyone that walks by is a potential candidate and must be reprogrammed until they realise that our hotel is the only hotel that they have to book their meetings with. Easy huh?

Today marks my parents' 30th wedding anniversary. Go mom! Go dad! Right now, they're probably sipping Pina Coladas at the beach in the Dominican Republic. They're probably jealous that I'm going to fabulous Germany. *laughs*

I don't know what it is, but I am SO hooked on TV-series nowadays. 24, C.S.I., Farscape, John Doe. Brings some excitement to my otherwise unexciting life. STILL looking for those friggin' bikekeys by the way.

Oh, and if someone who has a paid account reads this: Can you help me restyle my LJ in a week or so? I want something more ... spotty, as in cheetah-background.

Alright, here I go. Update in a day or five. Wish me luck.
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