January 31st, 2003

Rob is standard

In sickness and in health

Sunday: slept terribly, went to work, could go home early, nearly fell unconscious on the bed and shivered with a fever for the next four hours. Had to get up to drive to Eindhoven. Drove two hours with a boiling thumping head. Hugged parents, took painkiller. Sleep. Bad day.

Monday: Feeling a bit better, still under the weather. Drove 50 km to get my new car. New car wasn´t available yet (still had to register the registration plates! and it hadn´t been washed yet.) Drats! Took the loaner car to a restaurant at the freeway, was picked up by my colleagues, went to the hospitality exposition (conclusion: driving and standing in line for a total of 2.5 hours doesn´t weigh up to the small exposition where we'd seen everything in less than 2 hours), went back to the garage, phoned for my insurance, couldn´t get the insurance sorted out, couldn´t take the new car as a result, and drove to my uncle, still in the loaner car. Got fever again from too much stress and too little sleep, stayed at uncle, drank something with tea, rum and sugar, slept like a log for the next 12 hours!

Tuesday: No more fever! Bronchitis though. Yech. Sorted things out with the insurance company, got insured, picked up my new car, drove back home, felt like shit, started working at 5 pm, went home sick at 5.02 pm. Co-workers said I looked like a ghost. I felt like a corpse ;) Went home, slept some more.

Wednesday: Felt better again, but still weak. Stayed home, slept, drank and ate painkillers. Pizza for dinner.

Thursday: Called work, returned to work, had quite a good day!

Friday: Day off, went to see new house with two friends, took the house. We'll be moving in a week or two. Got a haircut to celebrate (?) ;)

And now my fingers are freezing too. Spring can't start too soon for me.

P.S. For everyone who likes hyperromantical coversongs: download Heaven by Do. Cover from the old Bryan Adams song. I like this new one so much better...... Call me a hopeless romantic :)
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