June 26th, 2002

Rob is standard

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Why do days off drain as much energy as working days? Slept on the couch last night (I do that sometimes for no particular reason) and phoned my mom this morning to tell her I'd come by and visit. As soon as I got there, she jumped into my car and we drove off to do some shopping. I hate fashion stores, and I only ever go there when mom pushes me into one. Yep, I'm a 24-y-old guy who still needs his mom to buy his clothing. And the worst part is: she's got really good taste, making it even harder to go shopping by myself. But anyway... I survived, got me some new stuff which I'm too lazy to describe. Summer clothing. Nuff said.

Family dinner was like I never left. Teasing my little brother, mom asking how my day was and dad simply eating quietly. Next Saturday dad'll bring a new table to my home so I can finally eat at a table instead of at my desk. I just hope he'll survive traffic, since summer holiday also starts for a part of the country. We'll be looking forward to massive traffic jams on the highways this weekend. If only more people would take the train. And if only less people would own a caravan. Another thing I hate: caravans. I've been inside 2 or 3 in my whole life. Give me a tent and a backpack and I'm extatic. Caravans are like tin cans. No wonder we call them 'drag-huts' in popular Dutch.
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