June 5th, 2002

Rob is standard

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I'm too lazy to write much....
Happy Birthday to Gina, my net-penpal, so close yet so far away ;) It's about time we got to meet in RL ;) Work's progressing, band's progressing, I think I lost 6 pounds so far, but that depends on the reliability of my scale at home. Red Bull keeps you awake but rots your teeth. Bread can turn both blue and green when you forget about it. Parents are back home safely, nudging me to visit Turkey as well. I'd rather go to Tanzania, but my budget's been cut back drastically.
Parking ticket, health insurance, rent increase, taxes. Everyone wants my money at the same time. It's either plundering my savings account or turning to my parents for help. So much for financial independance. I hate begging, but I hate staying at home 'cos I have no money for a holiday even worse. Maybe I can take up writing for cash :) Anyone interested in funny or erotic stories?.....
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