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Yay, my personal WoW troll

Apart from my high level characters on the Dragonblight server, I joined another guild on another server last month to play together with a few of my new colleagues. Enter Popov, the Draenei Shaman. A week into this new guild, the guildchat was spammed with infantile behaviour and I left. The next day I got a message from the guildleader (a nice lady who wasn't online when the aforementioned happened) and after I told her what happened, we talked and mailed for a couple of days after which she asked if I would re-join as officer to help her maintain the peace. I thought a while, then agreed.

Today: a few members start talking trash about other cultures. I ask them to take it to whispers or pipe it down. They refuse. I warn them that I'll put them on /gag (no posting right in chat) if they keep on doing their racism thing. They start quoting Hitler. I /gag them both. They leave 2 minutes later. Note: I didn't kick them, I only wanted to silence them for a couple of minutes.

The rest of the night, one of them who has a history with me, keeps whispering me insults and curses until I /ignore him. "I've been in the guild for a year, you asshole!" is one of his milder outbursts. Ten minutes later he's on the guild's forum to spew his anger. A 19 year old security guard. I seriously hope he doesn't have these anger management issues at work....

Hee vieze FAGGOT met je rot kop!!
Kasnkersukkeltje, ik wil jou graag zien wegrotten man!
Ik ga je leven zeur maken ventje uit Katwijk, strontmongool!!

gr. Zwolle
Ik ben niet meer blij met deze kloteguild sinds poepov is gejoined!!
Ik heb veel voor jullie betekent en nu vind ik het verrot
Fucking kleine kinederen babies!nu en probeer alles in mijn machte om het kapot te maken jullie guld


hee kankerlijer uit Katwijk!!

Ik ga jou leven zeur maken jongen!
Sinds jij in de guild bent vind ik het niks meer an, met je gereformeerde gedoe!!
Ik wil jou zo graag pijn doen he
als jij voor me staat zou ik je zo hard in mekaar beuken dat je de rst van je zielige leven uit rietjes drinkt, ik maak je kapot kankerlijeR!!!

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