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Think I'll hibernate

Next week we'll be switching to wintertime again, ugh. Going to work when it's dark, going home when it's dark, joy. I need my daylight >.<

Thursday: The international game-industry tradefair SPIEL in Essen, Germany (nowadays combined with COMIC ACTION for all your comic needs). thaily and hiryu went along and the three of us wandered through masses of people past hundreds of stands with everything from boardgames to cardgames, Live Action Role Play clothing and weapons, bouncy castles and crap crèpes.
- Comics: Aspen Splash swimsuitissue 2007 (Michael Turner babes galore)
- TPB CSI 6: Dying in the Gutters
- TPB Drizzt book 4: The Crystal Shard
- TPB Drizzt book 5: Streams of Silver
- TPB Chronicles of Dragonlance 1: Dragons of Autumn Twilight
- TPB Chronicles of Dragonlance 2: Dragons of Winter Night
- RPG: Ironclaw, Doloreaux book
- RPG: Ironclaw, Avoirdupois book (Oops, double!)
- Monkey Business, the expansion to Spank The Monkey
- Nanofictionary, a rather obscure Looney Labs game about telling tiny stories.

So I kept myself in check and didn't run off with the new version of Talisman, the new version of The Enchanted Labyrinth, the new version of "Levensweg", the Golden Compass games, the deluxe wooden box with everything Settlers-related, World of Warcraft the boardgame, Descent, Arkham Horror, the new pimped version of Kill Dr. Lucky, Risk Star Wars, the complete Calvin & Hobbes collection, etc. etc.

Friday: zombie mode, watched Ocean's Thirteen and was amused
Saturday: semi-zombie mode, watched The Bourne Identity and was somewhat amused
Sunday: Went through 10 kilograms worth of magazines and administration and sorted it all, hell yeah! Did my radio show after that. I don't want to sound conceited, but I had SUCH a good show there, that I'm considering looking around for a new station with a bigger audience. I want to be heard!
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