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Enough is enough

My BMI is 31. I'm no longer just overweight, I'm officially obese. I've been gradually gaining weight since I stopped working in the hospitality business (where I walked/ran 5 miles a day easily). I'm watching my food, I'm doing dance steps but it's not enough.

- I still had a voucher somewhere for 4 weeks of professional-personal-coach-by-email. I just mailed it.
- I made an appointment with my doctor, thursdaymorning 8 a.m.

I hope there's something he can help me with. My basic health insurance covers 4 hours of dietary-consults a YEAR! And no compensation if I'd want to go to an obesity-clinic. I *could* beef up my health insurance, but I'd rather see what my options are right now.

I know I'll never be slim. My entire family is heavily-built, my digestive system works slowly, I'm OK with that. But right now just the feel of that weight that I carry around is messing with my good mood. For my own sanity, I must lose 5kg, I should lose 10kg and I'd love to lose 20kg.


Oct. 9th, 2007 06:53 pm (UTC)
Fancy that - my BMI used to be 34.9 and it's 31 now. ^^;; I'm so close to not being Obese anymore.

But frankly? I don't think I'm obese. I sure as heck don't think YOU are. This is obese, and that's not us.

Don't look at the BMI - it's a really poor indicator. It doesn't take muscle weight into account, much less the weight of other bodily fluids. Just like you my family is also heavily built and personally my digestive system is so slow I might actually have a thyroid affliction or something.

I lost 10 kilos thanks to SparkPeople, that site really worked for me. I can totally recommend it. But I know that one method doesn't have to work for everyone. Either way, I hope you'll find a way to lose the weight you want to lose - feeling good about yourself is important. I know I don't have to give you a peptalk about self-confidence and "omg you're not fat, don't believe everything beauty magazines tell you!" because you're not a 15 year old girl and I think that it's more about being comfortable with your own body rather than adhering to some beauty standard, right?

I had the same thing, I started feeling so bad with my own body last year when I was near a 100 kilos (!!) and I had trouble walking. Since then I have improved so much with my health and lost a lot of weight, it's awesome.

Even so, if the dietitian and doctor thing doesn't work out, or you want an extra system to keep yourself in check, I can still recommend keeping track of your calories (with SparkPeople for example ;)) and playing DDR about 3 hours per week.

Either way, I think you look good the way you are, but my idea of a hot guy is Dennis van der Geest, and he's not slim either XD. Ultimately it's about feeling good about yourself mentally and physically. :3


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