Rob Driessen (rob_d) wrote,
Rob Driessen

Enough is enough

My BMI is 31. I'm no longer just overweight, I'm officially obese. I've been gradually gaining weight since I stopped working in the hospitality business (where I walked/ran 5 miles a day easily). I'm watching my food, I'm doing dance steps but it's not enough.

- I still had a voucher somewhere for 4 weeks of professional-personal-coach-by-email. I just mailed it.
- I made an appointment with my doctor, thursdaymorning 8 a.m.

I hope there's something he can help me with. My basic health insurance covers 4 hours of dietary-consults a YEAR! And no compensation if I'd want to go to an obesity-clinic. I *could* beef up my health insurance, but I'd rather see what my options are right now.

I know I'll never be slim. My entire family is heavily-built, my digestive system works slowly, I'm OK with that. But right now just the feel of that weight that I carry around is messing with my good mood. For my own sanity, I must lose 5kg, I should lose 10kg and I'd love to lose 20kg.
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