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If you'd like to play along, let me know. I'll pick 7 interests of yours that I'd like to know more about, and you will write a journal entry about them in your journal and invite your friends to comment and so on and so forth. Don't just tell me about your interests in a comment to my've got to play fair and put it in your journal, so others can play along.

1. Bloodbowl (sounds gross, what is that XD)

Don't worry, it's nothing satanic :P It's a boardgame developed by those idiots at Games Workshop. A cross between Warhammer and American Football. Two ways to win the game: score touchdowns or cripple/maim/kill the other team. And it's perfectly normal to cheat. Push that quarterback into the crowd, they'll rip him apart. Opponent face down? Kick him when he's down! The game takes a little while to learn, but once you master it, it's awesome. There's lots of different teams to collect (and paint....). More info:

2. Cheetahs (tell me more!)
Heh, what do you want to know? They're the fastest land-animals on earth, they're beautiful and they're almost extinct. Mainly because of human involvement (killing for sport, fur, protecting livestock) but also because of their genetical bottleneck. All surviving cheetahs are really like one big family, hardly any diversity in their DNA. So *if* there's ever a disease or virus that's lethal to one cheetah, it could wipe out all of them. And so I support the work of the Cheetah Conservation Fund and their dutch affiliate Stichting Spots.

3. Giel Beelen (oh god why?)

OK, I'll admit that at first I didn't like him. A young, upstart, rebellious radio DJ... Getting a live blowjob on nighttime-radio, trying to find a fresh placenta and prepare it for food, rousing fans to send envelopes with flour to his boss during the Anthrax-craze.... But now that he's a bit older (not wiser ;) I'm starting to like his unusual way of hosting his show. Nonsense, seriousness, news, gags, he mixes everything expertly. Like him or not, but there's no denying he's a natural talent, grabbing all kinds of awards. Call him the dutch Howard Stern if you want, but unlike Howard, he does it all by himself. That earns my respect.

4. Mark Billingham (who's that?)

He's a UK author of a series of very popular crime novels. Formerly a rather wellknown stand-up comedian, he turned to writing. And he's GOOD. I love how he portrays London and its inspectors like real people with real problems, and every book has enough twists and turns to keep you guessing and reading. Check for his books.

5. Namibia (have you been there?)

No, but it's high on my list. Namibia has the highest concentration of wild cheetahs, and it's also the home country of the CCF. I want to go there to work as a volunteer (working guest) but since the fund depends on donations, the prices of their programs are not cheap. $3000 for 2 weeks, $5000 for 4 weeks (and that doesn't include the plane ticket). But just think about the experiences you'll have.

6. San Francisco (what about it?)

A few years ago my dad won a trip to 'Cisco and his stories made me curious enough to put the city on my 'to visit' list: The old tram, eating fresh lobster at Fisherman's Wharf, visiting Alcatraz, seeing the Golden Gate bridge, and that's just a few of the things to see. That's why I like city trips so much: I want to see things, do things, rather than a beach holiday where I just lay in the sun working on my tan.

7. Tapestries muck (what's that?)

Heh, well since you so openly talk about your kinks.....
Let's start with MUCK: Multi User Creature Kingdom, like a MUD (Multi User Dungeon). Remember the good old days of text based questing? Go north, go east, get ring from sink, hit rat with sword. No ascii art, just text. Now imagine something like Second Life, but text only. You create a character, write its description, then walk around town. You bump into other players, you interact, you roleplay.
Now we get to Tapestries. From their site: Tapestries MUCK is a cross between a real life BDSM play party, a free form roleplaying environment, and a social gathering place all within a Furry theme. It strives to provide a place for safe and free exploration of dominance and submission roleplay, as well as other forms of sexual expression in public and in private. Tapestries facilitates this by providing an environment that is populated exclusively by adult players and furry characters, as well as by setting guidelines that encourage tolerance and respect of other's fantasies and beliefs. So, yeah, it's furry and it's 18+. Text-based erotica is a way of putting it. :)

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