Rob Driessen (rob_d) wrote,
Rob Driessen


Grotere kaart weergeven

Start: I-bridge in Diemen, around 17.30
Stop 1: Den Haag Central Station, pick up bander, around 18.30 (depending on traffic)
Stop 2: Formule 1 Hotel Amiens Est (at Amiens airport), around midnight, zzz and breakfast

Finish: South-Brittany, bungalow where Bander's parents are staying. His sister's wedding on saturday, big party, sleep, brunch, depart. Sunday: drive back from Brittany to home. We both took monday off as well, so if fatigue strikes, we can always find another cheap hotelroom on the way back.

If there's no map in this post, click that little googlemaps link. Don't mind the dutch language there ;)
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