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So much time and so little to do. Wait a minute. Strike that. Reverse it. - Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka.

Now that the initial amazement of 9-to-5 work is wearing off, I'm discovering that it has its definite advantages. Eating at set times, able to make appointments with friends that I can actually stick to, it's nice for a change. Granted, I'm still trying to cope with waking up at 6.30am but for the moment the advantages weigh up to the disadvantages. And now that others know I'm available during the weekend I get a heap of invitations for this party or that birthday. I wish I could attend them all, but it's impossible.

So what did I do last weekend? On saturday I drove to Eindhoven for my mom's birthday, also grabbing the chance to take a look at my brother's new apartment (with a view of the PSV football stadium from his balcony). He's one lucky SOB :) Painter is working on the walls right now, after that the new floor will be put in place (the original 1970's cork is being covered with 'click'-floorboarding). The birthday was nice, got to see a few old faces again, old friends of my parents, my insane uncle, etc. etc. And dad was so awesome to find me a copy of The Court Jester, that I will force quite a large number of people to watch ;)

Sunday I took a lightly schoolstressed Dagmar to an exhibition in Rotterdam called Chocolat d'Amour. Picture a large hall with 50-odd stands all having to do with chocolate. From exclusive bonbons to demonstrations to chocolate marshmallow fountains to chocolate jewelry and chocolate covered meatballs. I kid you not. But needless to say the sugar rush managed to improve her mood a little. I ran into old friends Koan and Bram from Maastricht as well and good times were had. After surviving the chocolate onslaught we also visited the other exposition in the hall, dealing with a totally different kind of drug: Opium. No tastings there ;) But lots of pipes, paraphenalia (sp?) and a reconstruction of a 1920's Shanghai opium room. Very instructional and impressive indeed. I'm glad it's a thing of the past though (mostly). Dinner was had at a traditional dutch pancake house and since I'm always the gentleman, I drove her home before heading back to Katwijk.

And now it's monday again, taking a break from the testing. I have until thursday to test a few patches that the programmers made to get rid of some serious bugs in the software here. Then Thursday after work it's straight from Diemen to The Hague to pick up a bander, head for France and spend a weekend in a constant haze of partying, courtesy of his sister getting married. I'm glad I took next monday off from work as well.

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