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What a week

First week at the new office went pretty smoothly. Already testing some minor things in the company's software and getting daily training-on-the-job. Team leader agreed that week 1 went well. "We started with the most basic things and tests, next week will be more difficult and a few weeks from now you'll be cursing me for all the complex shit I'll be throwing your way." I like his sense of humor :)

So, take the adrenaline rush from 'a new job' and mix that up with a Razorlight concert on wednesday, a The Police concert in the Amsterdam Arena on thursday and a night of excellent pasta (thanks, chef skunktaur!) and seriously fucked up danish animation on friday. Now imagine how I feel. Then imagine me waking up at 7am on saturday because I forgot to turn off my alarm clock for the weekend.

It's time for another zombie-mode weekend. Yum.

...but it's my destiny to be the king of pain...
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