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Go me!

My thursday:

- 08:55 Get a phonecall from someone at work. I have an 'intake' (interview) at iBridge tomorrow (The internal IT-company for four temp-agencies). YES, finally the chance to get some real hands-on experience!

- 09:10 Bloodbank calls: "Mr. Driessen, we need you here NOW!"

- 10:00 I arrive at Bloodbank, donate platelets (NL: bloedplaatjes), courier takes them along immediately.

- 12:00 I get back home, get phonecall from Resource Manager, he fills me in on the interview and the company I might be working for soon.

- 13:00 I call contact at said company for more information. Sounds like a nice company to be working for.

- 13:30 I get a mail from the contact with a 100 page manual about the company's IT structure and goals.

- 16:00 I stop reading and get dressed for semi-formal BBQ at work

- 17:45 I arrive at work, within a few minutes there's 90-ish people walking around, co-worker introduces me to the guy I spoke to on the phone, we talk more about tomorrow

- 20:00 After BBQ and lots of very interesting talks I drive home.

- 20:45 While driving home I call to the radio and win 2 tickets to see The Police next week. From a special front-stage area right under their noses. Plus the Greatest Hits CD and a chance to a meet-and-greet.

Good karma day: Save a life, hear lots of good things about you at work, win tickets.


Sep. 7th, 2007 01:54 am (UTC)
Aww, now I want to knit Sting a scarf and ask you to give it to him, I love that guy. But he probably has millions of scarfs knit by dorky little girls who still love him from their emo-days.

But even if you don't hand him a Maartje-made scarf, be sure to sing along with the songs for me, OK? :)


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