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Back in Frankfurt

It took me 7 whopping hours to drive 480 kilometers from Noordwijk to Frankfurt. Truck tipped over on the freeway, causing a MAJOR trafficjam. Guess who was in it :) It took me over 1.5 hours to drive 5 km and pass the scene of destruction. Not much to see. Dammit. If I have to wait for 1.5 hours, I want some bloody scene in return! *foam*

Anyway, arrived in Frankfurt after dark, and believe me peeps, you *don´t* wanna drive around Frankfurt in the dark. One way streets everywhere! Only after 5 drives around the city center I managed to arrive at my hotel. A chicken run they dare to call a 4 star hotel. Comfort Inn, may you collapse (after I´ve left town).

So here I am, in an internet shop, waiting til it´s time for my first appointment. Luckily most of my appointments are within walking distance of the hotel, with one adress 80 km´s outside of the city as the major exception. Bleh. Since these are gonna be my first salesvisits and that this is the first time that our hotel is actively visiting companies in Germany, you can guess I´m pretty nervous. I´m just gonna admit it flat out at every meeting. "Hi, I´m Rob, this is my first time, don´t heckle please." Maybe they´ll book just out of compassion *lol*

This weekend I visited the Elf Fantasy Fair, as said. Had a great time, if only it hadn´t rained cats and dogs. Saw goths, drow, elves, knights, catpeople, firespitters, a lost Klingon *lol* and lots and lots of wizards and witches. Bought a book about Jim Henson´s Creature Workshop (Dark Crystal, Labyrinth, Storyteller, 101 dalmatians, Dinosaurs....) and when I got home watched LotR:FotR again.

I will miss our national day off "Queen day" this year, but the good part is that after this week I´ll have no more negative hours (undertime ;). Well, gotta run. Wish me luck. I hate Germans.......... hehehehe

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