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Back home again. Work was extremely boring today. Possibly because of football on TV (that's soccer for you US-folks ;) it was a quiet day at McD's. Yes I work at the restaurant with the Golden Arches. And yes, I like it there :) Not exactly what I had in mind after graduating from Hotel Management School, but the pay is good and so are the career possibilities.
I'm dead tired at the moment. I got talked into getting a late night snack with a few co-workers. It's hard to lose weight when you give in to the temptation of eating a pizza at 2 am. Should've known better. The mind is willing but the flesh is weak.....
I'll be out of town for a few days. Sunday when I get back, I'll try to post an update. I really hope this holiday is gonna make me relax. The seaside should do me some good. Now all I want is for the weather to improve. Cross your fingers! :)

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