Rob Driessen (rob_d) wrote,
Rob Driessen


Thursday 7th of Februari 2008
Ahoy Rotterdam

Within Temptation + The Metropole Symphonic Orchestra.

2 tickets get! Now I'll have to keep it secret to Rick until the end of November, seeing as this is his birthday gift (but only if I can go along :P). I think the 'normal' ticketsale starts tomorrow, but there's a link on where you can get to a secret page to buy before the rest of the country.

Rock on!

And in WoW News: My pally won her 4th piece out of the 5 piece Tier 4 Justicar Raiment set. For the final chestpiece she'll have to take down Magtheridon in his lair. We've been trying a few times, but our guild has a no-spoiler policy which means we want to find out for ourselves how each boss 'does his thing' rather than reading it on the internet. So, though it takes longer, more wipes, more repair costs, it'll mean greater satisfaction when we finally take him down! Gruul and Karazhan are on Farm status now (dammit Prince, gimme my healing mace!), and we've already taken a peek in the Serpentshrine Cavern. That one's gonna hurt muchly. Not even THINKING about Tempest Keep's Eye just yet.
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