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Killing time

It's a strange feeling: having finished everything you could do and now waiting for 2 hours for your manager to arrive and go through the progress with you. And so we have 5 people in one room surfing the web, listening webradio, talking football and getting coffee, again and again.

This weekend, I can actually stay home again after 3 or 4 weekends with social events. Couldn't get tickets to Lowlands, so I might as well stay home and do something about the pigsty that is my room.

To do:
- laundry
- ironing
- filing paperwork
- paying speeding tickets (third one in a short time, all small amounts, bleh)
- studying home financing
- designing the invitation for my 30th birthday bash. Probably have to send out a bunch of e-mail to track down rea
- dance dance revolution, testing the ENDLESS function so I can go non-stop for 30 mins. Oy vey.

If anyone wants to pay me a visit, feel free ;)

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