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WoW Rant

So... I have a lvl70 paladin. She's holy specced and not a bad healer if I say so myself. When not in instances, she has a different set of gear, mainly to boost strength and DPS. Anyway... back in the old days, THE set that got every pally drooling was Lightforge. And ever since I started playing over 2 years ago, I managed to get a hold of 4 of the 8 set items. Then came the Tier 2 and 3 and even later the 4 and 5 sets, but for some strange, sentimental reason, I *want* to have full Soulforge. Yes, that's all the Lightforge items and running the entire 1.5 upgrade questline. Yes, that means re-running lvl60 instances while I'm already 70. I know that. I'm just strange like that.

So today, I was on the LFG channel trying to find people for Shattered Halls or Arcatraz when a lvl56 warrior was looking for people to run Strat. Me and my lvl70 hunter guildie responded to the call (guildie needed blacksmith stuff). A 60 retri pally also came and that was more than enough to get started. However, I told the other Pally I WOULD roll if Scarlet boss dropped Lightforge Boots. We run Scarlet side, I earn a righteous orb along the way, easy 30g in the auction house, and quite some greens drop, even a few blues. Most of it goes to the warrior and the other pally. Logically.

Then, Balnazzar. And yes, he dropped the boots. Finally. And then my own kindness ruined everything. You see, the other pally had gotten quite some loot along the way and he and his friend were being boosted through Strat, finishing a fair number of quests along the way. It would have been perfectly acceptable if I insisted on taking the boots. But what do I do? I say we both press Need. I roll 9. He rolls 58. I curse.

I'm a fullgrown, intelligent 29 year old guy. Yet I feel shitty now for not getting an item that only has sentimental value against a paladin that can actually still benefit from it. And all of this in a computergame. Rationally I should laugh hard at my own misery. Emotionally, I cry on the inside. In the past year, 2 of the 4 items I still need for a full set dropped in one of my parties, and both times I lost against another pally.

Either hug me and say it's gonna be alright, or throw me in a cold shower and yell at me that I should wake up and start caring about more important things in life.

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