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Playing Catch-up. And Harry Potter news.

Oh man, the past few days I've been going on automatic pilot. Those kinda days where you wish there were more hours to stick into a single day. Thursday started off quite relaxed, and in the evening I met up with Dasha again to have some sushi in Amsterdam and to end up on a comfy couch in an Australian pub on the Rembrandt square. I surprised her with two tickets to the Blue Man Group, so we're meeting again next thursday.

Friday: had to be at the office at 9am, which means getting up at 6.30 in order to be on the road on time for dodging the traffic jams. Meeting about internal project (writing a manual for a bug report tool), then it was time to try on our new tailor made suits. Fucking hell, I look snazzy in mine. My next stop was supposed to be Futuremax to take a look at their DDR dancefloor collection, but alas they were too busy unloading their shipping container fresh from Asia to receive any visitors that day. Next attempt will be tuesday. On to my next destination: the sportcomplex right next to the Amsterdam Arena, the world's biggest high pressure cooker. I sported my ass off at the company's sportnight: badminton, squash, soccer, beach volleyball and golf. Little BBQ to finish the day and I was off to Eindhoven to my parents. Thanks to roadworks I was diverted over Breda which meant an 80 km detour. Thank you very much.

Saturday: Up bright and early again for a family reunion, from my dad's side. Met up with all the uncles, aunts, nephews and nieces again. And what's a reunion without a fun activity, so on we went to a farm for a round of "Farmer's Golf". It's like golf, but the ball is a tiny beachfootball, the club is a wooden shoe on a stick, the holes are the fields where the cows graze. And yes, they come complete with ... ehm ... cow presents. Add a 2 minute monsoon to the mix and you can imagine our excitement (luckily we found shelter). After that adventure, a small dinner buffet and the day was over before you could say poof.

Sunday: Poof was also something that my notebook said. Or more precise: it wouldn't boot while connected to the power supply and it wouldn't charge if I plugged it in after booting it on battery power.
So I took it down to the helpdesk guy, said 'make it better or I'm gonna cry'. He said "I'm sorry, your computer has died, the data can no longer be found-oh.". Seriously, I took it to a friend in Maastricht who's pretty good with electronics, but alas after checking the interior he couldn't fix the problem and said it would be more economic for me to look for something new than to send a 3.5 year old laptop to Dell Repairs. I grudgingly agreed, so we started to surf the web and after an hour or two I decided on a new one. Drove all the way home after stopping over at grandma's house to pick up the sunglasses I forgot, plus a piece of freshly baked apple pie (coincidence, I swear!). Got home late, fell over into bed.

Monday: MSN meeting with my project group at 9am. Ye Gods. No one was particularly awake or fruitful at this unholy hour, but we still managed to get something done. In the mean time, ordered my laptop, got a message everything was in stock and at noon I was in Weesp to pick it up. Talk about speedy! After that, an appointment at the bank to go over my finances (another coincidence, really!). Might switch some insurances around to get more discount, but nothing's decided yet. Luckily my overall financial situation is improving again. Selling the car helped a lot, buying a new laptop didn't, but all in all there's movement going uphill. Rest of day was spent trying to rescue all data from the old laptop and move as much as possible to the new one (Vista, uh oh).

Tuesday: More meetings. No, make that a full workingday spent on writing that techie manual. From 10.30 to 18.00 in a roadside cafe going on tea and chicken sandwiches with two colleagues. And then crawling into a car that's been out in the sun for that same amount of time. One Rob, well done. Come home, collapse, find George Carlin on Youtube, call girlfriend thanking her for her textmessage that said "I miss you." Awwwwww. OK, I'll be quiet now.

Oh, Harry Potter fans? Pre-order your Deathly Hallows copy at They're selling it for 10 bucks instead of the normal 20.

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