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Happy times

I'm going to throw happy selfish news onto you now. Be warned.

I had a blast last saturday at the company party, it was at a western themed area. I took part in a firebreathing workshop, tasted 6 different american and canadian whiskies and rode the mechanical bull for a recordbreaking 6.5 seconds. BUT the best part was late at night when I was called up on stage to receive the prize for 'most original outfit'. Not that I was dressed like a genuine gunslinger, but I won thanks to A) Carrying my mobile phone in my breastpocket which continuously played the theme from The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, and B) giving the mechanical bull a headshot with my toy pistol when it threw me off for the second time.

Then sunday I drove for nearly three hours to the very southwestern tip of the Netherlands to have dinner at Oud Sluis, currently the #1 restaurant in the country (3 Michelin stars). I can't even remember everything I had but everything was a work of art, so goddamn beautiful and delicious! Lime-sake-wasabi ice, passionfruit jelly with a eucalyptus-lolly, tartar of langoustine, me and my family were in culinary heaven. We've decided this to be the start of an annual tradition. No more useless birthday gifts, but lasting birthday experiences.

More sunday: My brother is taking over my old car, with dad acting as bank. When all has been arranged, I'll be totally out of debt, both with the bank and with my parents. And then I can finally start to save, and look around for a new apartment to buy. Because:......

Monday: meeting with my Resourcemanager. To sum it up: I've been offered a steady contract! Oh, and I passed the two exams last month with the highest grades in the group, but I think I already mentioned that. Man, it feels good to brag. (won't do it too often, promise)

Monday and tuesday: Long phonecalls with Dasha. Think it's safe to say we're kinda like boyfriend/girlfriend now. I'm seeing her again fridaynight.

But Rob, is there absolutely NOTHING wrong in your perfect little world? Well, yes there is. Sitting in a trainingroom instead of running around with plates of food made me gain weight again. I feel fat. Must do more workouts. Next week I'll probably be buying a heavy-duty dance platform. Yes, DDR kinda platform. Mock me all you want, it beats the gym and is cheaper.


Jun. 5th, 2007 07:33 pm (UTC)
Congrats on the contract! :D

As for DDR - join the club! XD I've already lost 5 kilos playing DDR (and cutting back on calories, so you might want to watch the luxurious dinners, haha). I love it :D
Jun. 5th, 2007 07:38 pm (UTC)
Cool! Any specific pad you have? Soft pad? Metal? Brand?
Jun. 5th, 2007 08:01 pm (UTC)
I've been using the DDR Ignition foam pad for a while, and am very happy with it. It's only starting to wear a bit now after using it intensly for several months and the pressure I put on it.

However, since I'm used to the 'heightened' arrows of the foam pad my coordination is off when using flat or metal pads. o_O; These are typically smaller than the foam one and you don't feel where you're standing. Since my feet coordination is really bad without the heightened arrows I really need the foam pad! x_X; Maybe I'll learn to play on a metal one someday, when I can afford to buy one.

I can definitely recommend http://www.futuremax.nl for all your DDR needs, I've had great experience with their store and customer service.

Also, don't order a soft flat pad - I think it's a waste of money even for people starting out in DDR. It moves all over the room and you move all over the pad and it doesn't provide any support whatsoever. After three plays I sent it back and ordered the foam pad instead. >_>; The foam pads have a non-slip layer on the bottom and well the metal ones are heavy enough not to move anywhere most of the time. But they're of course the most expensive.

My setup is DDR Ignition pad PS2 + PS2/PC adapter + PC + Stepmania + over 3000 stepfile songs. ;)

There's a lot of info on http://www.ddrnl.com as well.


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