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Bills, bills, bills. Not just a song by Destiny's Child but hard reality. April marks the beginning of a new quarter year, meaning..... You got it: BILLS! Car, home, insurances, electricity, everyone that can rightfully claim money from me, decided to gang up against li'l ole me. My last month's paycheck was spent before I even got it!

Can't hold up my hand to mom and dad right now, especially since they're on the other side of the globe, getting a sunburn in the Dominican Republic! At least I've finally let go of my foolish pride to refuse any kind of help. Had a talk with my parents a while ago where they said that they have no problem giving me money, as long as they know I'm not spending it on foolish things. Luckily I hardly ever drink, only gamble once a year, don't smoke and don't do drugs, huh?

BUT, in order to pay my contribution to the global economy, I couldn't help but spending more cash.
- Two speaker stands for my surround speakers
- PAID account at Livejournal. Been using it for nearly a year now. I thought I might as well support this fine website :)
- Registered for Eurofurence 9. Yes, I'm going to attend an international Anthropomorphic convention. Or 'Furry'. In the Czech Republic. What have I done? ;p

And meanwhile I'm at home where my room is a mess (that's quite normal for a Friday). I use my weekend to clean up a little, so I can start all over again. It's even worse when my roommates are around. I'm the smallest pig of us all :)

Blair Witch on TV now. Seen it. Effect is gone after the first time. I've decided to stay in tonight. Going out costs money, that I REALLY don't have anymore. 3 more weeks until my next paycheck. Wouldn't it be cool to be rich?.....

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