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Fuck yeah!

Today was one of my goooooooood days!

Started off icky with an important exam on everyone's favorite subject: Testdesign and -execution with a dash of Automatisation of the informationsupply. Goodie. We had 3 hours to answer 15 open questions that involved a lot of writing and a lot of drawing charts and graphs. I barely finished everything (sorta) in time. At lunch, the entire group was quite gloomy. Things cheered up at our final communications training with the (im)proper use of email:

Trainer: Name one thing that you SHOULDN'T put in a business email.
Shyest boy in class: Dirty pictures!

Drove home without major delays, checked bankaccount: tax refund in, first paycheck in, last bit of welfare in. For the first time in a loooong while I am not in the red after paying the rent! Still have some debts to settle with parents and bank, but they'll be gone next month when my car will be sold to my brother. Of course, this warranted celebration: To the cinema for Pirates 3! Rick and I had an OK time. I'll spare the review, but let me just say one thing: Keith Richards is da MAN!

And then you come home around midnight, receive a text message from a colleague congratulating me on my result, I open my mail and find my grade for the exam: 90% Holy bloody messy something, YEAH! I am now drinking a beer in celebration.

So money's improving, work's going great, text messages between me and Dasha are still flying back and forth and this weekend I'm having dinner in the poshest restaurant in the country with my family. I am going to enjoy this mood until it gets shot again inevitably :P

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