Rob Driessen (rob_d) wrote,
Rob Driessen


Thursday: up at 6am, train to Den Bosch, then a van to the Ardennes in Belgium. Managed to twist my ankle on the first activity, so I got to watch while the others went abseiling, spelunking and mountainbiking..... Bed at 2am

Friday: Up before 8am, more sitting around, then going back home. This time traffic didn't love us and hit us with jams. From 2.30pm to 9pm in car to get from Belgium to my front door. Bed at 1am

Saturday: Up at 8.45. Optician checked my trial pair of lenses and is going to order new ones. Got a haircut and the Nokia N95. Next stop: Amsterdam. Had a really nice date with a really nice girl: trip on a canal boat tour, dinner at a steakhouse, show at Boom Chicago. There will be a second date :) Home and bed at 3am.

Sunday: Up at 8am again, drove to the Safaripark, where I met Laurie Marker, she's awesome.

Now I'm braindead. 6 more hours before alarm goes off. Eee!
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