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What have I done?!

Well, I've done lots and I've done little. How's that for being cryptic. 8 more days for new job to start. I got a mail from them right before the weekend that they need my resume 'in Valori style'. So they sent me an example and I only need to fill in certain marked areas. Such as previous project experience, and software experience, and more tech stuff. Kinda depressing if this is your first venture into IT and you have to leave most of the boxes empty. You end up with a resume that screams NOOB! Heh. But actually it's a good sign that they already want our resume's. The people from the HR department are busy placing the peons, so to speak. We haven't even started our training yet and they're already busy connecting us to our first job. No lack of work, as bander mentioned to me yesterday.

Talking about yesterday, I had a very relaxing day with thaily and hiryu, who came over to help me with my little podcaststudio. Which was fixed in less than 10 minutes, giving us time to do a bit of sightseeing. I took them into the dunes. Well, to be more precise I took them along the designated walking paths. It was quite clear that you weren't allowed to stray off the path, with lots of wire left and right of the road. There is no real wilderness anymore in the Netherlands.... Still, we caught a glimpse of a couple of rabbits, saw funny pawprint trails (imagine a bird taking such a wide berth around a single strand of dunegrass that it perhaps thought there was a landmine underneath) and we did a round of 'spot the songbird'. After that we visited Teylingen Castle, a ruin which I THOUGHT was freely accessible, but alas, it had a gate, charged admission and worst of all: it was closed. Feh. Oh well, back to my place, dinner, Monty Python, lots of Youtube humor and later at night I drove them home.

Alright, further back. Dad's undergone his surgery. Unbeknownst (sp?) to him, he was actually a guinea pig for a new state-of-the-art machine that makes a 3D map of your heart and all veins running around it. Operated on friday, sent home on saturday (Aaah, dutch health care, never enough beds so patients are sent home the moment they stop bleeding, so to say), had a rough night on sunday (fever) but now a week later he's rummaging around again at home. He says he feels better and that his heart feels more at ease. I really hope he's right. He likes to say he's alright, even when he's not. That's dad for ya.

What else? Ah, yes, The Hunt. Mr. X. was caught last monday in Friesland by someone who pretended he had a broken down car next to the road. Clever fellow. He's gonna spend the 50k on his friends and family to help them fix things or buy new things if the old ones can't be fixed. Good man. Right, that's all I can think of at the moment. One more week of relaxation. Oh, yeah, eye doctor tonight. I hope he can help me get my eyes fixed in a way that health insurance actually covers. The insurance companies consider eyesurgery a cosmetic procedure, so if I can convince them that in my case it's actually a medical necessity, I might get coverage. God I hope so. Costs run from 1500 euro's per eye to 3500 euro's (depending on the procedure, and if it's laser or lens implantation).

Random stuff:
- 11th donation of blood last friday. So far I've given away 5.5 litres of my precious blood. If a vampire ever came up to me, at least I'd not be uncomfortable with the loss of blood :D
- Lost: as far as season 3 episode 12 now. I love the character of Delenn Rousseau. She's a real survivor.
- New DVD loot: 4 for 10 bucks deal. Mmm. Ratrace, Blueberry, From Dusk Till Dawn, Clerks.
- I've hit 10.000 tracks on
- My Hattrick team FC Cheetah is kicking butt in its division. They're feeling so bold they've decided to take on kandra's team in a Friendly match next wednesday.
- Oh, and I've opened a Tubes account, so if you ever need anything from me, musicwise, get the software and poke me.
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