Rob Driessen (rob_d) wrote,
Rob Driessen

Hunt failed!

First of all: the map of today's travels.

Started in Katwijk (green spot), drove to Alkmaar (northernmost purple spot) to visit the cheesemarket. The place was packed with tourists, but I think there must've been at least 50 hunters going through the crowd as well, searching for Mr. X. Then all of a sudden he was on the radio, saying how he managed to leave evidence despite the big number of hunters and that he was having lunch with a croissant and a newspaper. DAMN! Lots of people immediately started to search all the lunchrooms (me too, along with two people I befriended along the way), but again, he couldn't be found.

We checked the map and predicted he might head for Volendam (historic fishing village) or the Afsluitdijk (one of the longest dikes in the world). But just in case he wanted to head in a different direction, we parked at a strategic spot in Zaandam close to a freeway turnpike. And then the next clue was .... Zaandam! We remembered there's a historic place there as well with lots of windmills and a replica of the very first dutch grocery store (thanks for the help, bander!). A real tourist trap, so a perfect spot for X to surface. We were there in 15 minutes, but while searching X popped up on the radio again to say he just left. DAMN AGAIN!

The map was consulted once more. In our opinion, Volendam was the most likely next spot, so we headed that way and set up a post in the harbor, having a drink in the sun at the old harbour front. But then... 3 hours without hints. We called it quits at 5pm and headed home. Along the way, the next hint was aired, and it was football (soccer for you Yanks), proving our hunch wrong. Oh well, I had fun, a drink, visited touristy places that I normally wouldn't visit on my own and got some sun on my skin. Dropped off the other two hunters at Amsterdam Central station and managed to avoid the rush hour traffic to get home at 7pm. Now dinner and relaxation. And listening for tomorrow's hints :D
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