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Another weekend gone by without anything spectacular happening. Just being wicked and lazy, and testing how much I could download from the net before my landlord (with whom I share the connection) gets suspicious. Slowly but steadily those episodes of 24, John Doe and Farscape roll in.

My landlord is cool though! He owns three fishstores, and brought home three huge pieces of salmon fillet to apologize for the loud drilling (He's tearing down a wall downstairs). Gooooood salmon!

Still, it's frustrating to get signals from coworkers and friends that I seem to be gaining weight again. Dammit! And that while I'm drinking shitloads of water and increasing my fruit intake. It's either drinking too much water or not getting enough excersize. I'd love to take my bike to work, but I lost the keys a few weeks ago, and I STILL haven't found them. Slowly driving me mad.

Little brother has recovered from his little fire/water adventure. Still waiting for what the insurance guy says, but looks like his landlord has to pay up.

Had my first-month-at-new-job evaluation, and that went surprisingly well. Boss could see that I had a lot of trouble adjusting to office hours and do sit-down-phone-type work, but lucky for me it's going better every day.

I can't seem to do coherent updates ever. Life is chaos, mind is chaos perhaps? Oh, look! Broken English I now speak. Master Yoda me taught. *laughs* I need a vacation.

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