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had parents over for the weekend, showed them a good time in and around Leiden. Ate greek, dad helped install two new cupboards/planks in the kitchen for much needed extra space, mom irones and went through my wardrobe like a hurricane. I confess, I'm bad when it comes to clothing. I loathe ironing, so usually there's a big pile of clean clothing in my room until I get myself to put away everything that doesn't need ironing. As for the rest? Just lays there until I need something, then I iron it.

OK, so much for my bad side. Back to last weekend. On Saturday we drove the "Bollenstreekroute" (Flower bulb area round tour), and with all the narcisses, hyacinths, tulips and other kinds of flowerbeds coming into full bloom right now, it was a colorful experience. Dad had to park the car next to the road a couple of times because mom shouted in pure ecstacy that she needed to take a picture. Silly woman. Saturday night I took them to the restaurant in Katwijk where roomie Stefan cooks. Was a full house, had to wait quite a while for our dishes but the food itself was quite good.

So on sunday, mom and dad left again and I slept in in pure bliss. No more laundry, finally the extra space in the kitchen and just a few minor chores left to do. I spent my april's fools day without fooling anyone or being fooled and killed time with God of War and World of Warcraft. Then, late at night, Stefan broke a rearview mirror from my car ("tore" would be an even better description) and reacted quite stoically to my anger. "Mwuh, I'm insured". Thanks a lot.

Monday: Car to garage. Showed Wiebe (Is it a bad thing that your mechanic and you are on first name terms? Means I've been there too often, I guess :D) the mirror and asked him to take a look at my tires and headlights. Got a call later in the day that the reason for my car trembling at high speed was the fact that my front tires were as good as dead. *groan*. Car would be ready the next day. Gave grandma a call, promised to come over for Easter.

Tuesday: Needed to get out! Rick and I drove to Amsterdam for noodles and a movie. Good times were had.

Today: Picked up car, drove to outletstore and bought a new bike as well since my current one makes more noise than two skeletons making love in a tin drainage ditch. Broke a break-handle while getting bike out of car, walked to DIY store, bought superglue and fixed the handle, hopefully.

There, head empty now.
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