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Have done and to do

Have done list
- Cleaned dusty balcony adjacent to my bedroom
- Cleaned my bedroom
- Cleared out the mountain of paper and carton in the storage room
- Bandaged my hand that got cut on a hidden broken glass underneath the mountain of paper
- Made storage room somewhat dustfree (it'll never be dustfree because of the tumbledryer having a broken filter)
- Cleaned kitchen
- Cleaned 'appliance corner' (oven, microwave, coffeemachine, toaster)
- Cleaned livingroom
- Hoovered all rooms mentioned above
- Bought new lightbulbs and replaced all broken ones
- Drove car through carwash
- Drove two carloads worth of junk to the municipal junkyard
- Bought a few groceries

Reward for self:
- Ate a few scoops of Ben & Jerry's LOW FAT choc fudge brownie ice cream (It's finally here!)
- Played first level of God of War (want to play and finish it before Rick buys part 2)

To do list (before 11.30 a.m. tomorrow):
- Hoover entrance hall downstairs
- Wash and dry laundry
- Clean toilet
- Fold any clean laundry that doesn't require ironing
- Clean sink and desk in bedroom

Nothing like a parental visit to get some springcleaning done. Yes, I'm a hypocrit. :P

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