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Hello new job

I just spent the past four hours comparing contracts and reading all small print and collective labor agreements. In the bank's case, that agreement was 170 pages.... (luckily I could skip a lot). After taking everything into consideration: the job specifics, the colleagues, the long term prospects, the travelling and (naturally) the compensation and fringe benefits, I made up my mind.

If I let my wallet decide, I would've chosen ABN AMRO (the bank), as they have more benefits than you could poke a stick at.
But I chose to follow my heart. Picking the company that felt the most 'right' to me. And so, May 1st I'm gonna start my new job at Valori IT Services with a one month training course into the strange world of IT testing and consultancy. Which gives me 5 more weeks to get used to the idea. And clean up my room. And iron my shirts. And work out more. Being sick the past week made me gain the 2 kilo's that I lost in the weeks before, due to lack of exercise. And I just looked that word up so I wouldn't spell it as excersize anymore.

Also: will hit 9000 today on while hopefully finally taking on the 45 minute Baron Rivendare run in WoW's Stratholme.

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