Rob Driessen (rob_d) wrote,
Rob Driessen

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The plot thickens, my dear Watson

T-Mobile wants me, still waiting for contract. Probable start: April 1
ABN AMRO bank wants me too now, first 6 months through temp-office, then direct contract. They'll mail me a contract before the end of the week. Start April 1
Polteq will contact me before the end of the week. Start on April 1 or May 1
Valori tests and interview at March 28, Start May 1.

And this week I'll hear if Cisco Systems has any suitable openings, and what it entails to be an 'intercedent' at Randstad temp office.

DAYAMN! If I were an evil Rob I could work at ABN a month, get out during my trial period, then start at Valori May 1st. But that's not how I am......

Man, that career fair was a real eye-opener.
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