Rob Driessen (rob_d) wrote,
Rob Driessen


OK, since a lot of my friends are succumbing to the drug that is World of Warcraft, I might as well provide a list where you might find me.

Server: Dragonblight EU
Alliance Side: Natalyia, lvl 63 human holy paladin. Templesinger, lvl 40 dwarf holy priest. Heremite, lvl 22 night elf feral druid. Satyra, lvl 21 draenei frost mage. Trinket, lvl 14 gnome rogue.
Horde side: Stomphoof, lvl 40 tauren warrior. Linara, lvl 22 blood elf retribution Paladin. Famine, lvl 18 undead demonology warlock.

Server: Darkmoon Faire EU (RP)
Horde side: Kananga, lvl 9 troll priest. (Cookie if you know where I found the name)

Hrm, I need a WoW Userpic.
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