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Work (recap and update):
- Valior IT wants me back Wednesday the 28th for another chat and tests. First round went really well
- T-Mobile wants me. Waiting for the concept contract.
- Polteq IT tested me right away during my first visit. Association tests: numerical sequences, symbols (which one is the next logical in line) and mathmatical problems (if 9 machines can do a task in 5 days, how many extra machines need to be used to get the task done in 3 days). After the tests, the interviewer (who was also one of the directors) studied the results. "Eh, have you done this test before?" As it turns out: the maximum score was 86, the norm was 60. I scored 80. He couldn't remember anyone ever scoring this high. Mwahaaahaaa! So I think I can expect an offer from them in the coming week as well. I have a better feeling with Valori though.
- ABN Amro bank still wants to talk to me (another branch this time). Chat on tuesday for assistant account manager business market.

No work:
- Got a cold. Sniff.
- Finally got a lot of my old radioshows as audiofiles. Soon I'll go sift through them to see if there's anything there that could fit on a demo.
- Temperatures outside are finally going up. I might even talk myself into taking walks along the beach.
- Getting money back from taxes and from the health insurance (no claim). Gooood.
- Coke Zero is actually not very bad. A little less bad than Coke Light, but I still don't see the point. Zero calories vs 1 calorie. Right, that'll save the day.

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