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After cleaning and catalogue-ing my entire mp3 collection (80+ gigabyte, 13200 files) I can conclude the following.

- Depeche Mode is growing on me more and more. And to think I hated them in my youth.
- Ben Liebrand is GOD
- Even Korn made a few good songs
- I still need to listen to The Good, The Bad & The Queen
- I shamelessly sing along with Terence Trent D'Arby
- Why the hell do I have Sepultura in there?
- My current flavor is alternative: Muse, Queens of the Stone Age, Rammstein, Morningwood, Maximo Park, Killers, Kaiser Chiefs, Hives.... (Note to self: Add Audioslave)

After listening to for a long while now, I can conclude the following:

- Wolfstone is a very pleasant celtic discovery. I lessthanthree their track "Glenglass"
- Frou Frou is another very pleasant discovery thanks to's recommendations.
- Neighbourhood radio starts to sound repetetive if you listen to it a few hours. Same artists, different tracks.
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