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Good news: T-Mobile wants to offer me a job as assistant shopmanager in Delft. They're sending me a concept contract this week, after which I have 3 options: Say YES OMG *SIGN*, say 'maybe' and haggle about the benefits or say 'thanks but no thanks'.

Better news: I had a very good chat/interview today at Valori IT Consultancy where they already told me they want a second chat along with a few tests. I have no doubt that I'll pass those, after which they'll make me the following offer:
- Month training with visits to the Ardennes and Barcelona
- Lease car
- One year contract with better pay then I've ever had in the hospitality industry.
- Sailing trip with 10 friends
- After the first contract: a full contract. In comparison: the dutch hospitality industry can keep you dangling with 5 temporary contracts in a period of 5 years.
- Personal growth and training program.

I'd start in the test-department as junior tester, but after that the possibilities are infinite. I could specialise in testing or learn to become an IT trainer, network architect, etc. etc.

I'm curious to find out what the other company (Polteq) has to offer. They're a similar company, but my first impression (at the career fair) is that Valori has a younger, closer team. Dad's gonna give me a call tonight to talk about my career move. He's been in 'that business' for over 35 years now, no idea if he likes it that his son might be following in his footsteps.
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