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Merrily we roll along

Tuesday: Interview at T-Mobile for Assistant Shopmanager. Went quite well. Tomorrow I'll hear if they want me or not.
Wednesday: Interview at Valori for testengineer.
Thursday: Begging for money at the unemployment office. Visit Roger for strategy plan on making a radio-demo.
Friday: Interview at Proteq for testengineer. (Odd, I know, for some reason IT companies liked my resume). After that drop by at Haze for celebrating aging-day.

Next week: Thursdaynight: info-evening at Randstad temp office for the position of 'intercedent'

And then to think I'm still expecting information from Coca Cola Netherlands, Eneco Energy, Nuon Energy and Dell. And if that's not enough, I still have a few businesscards from people I met at the career fair (mostly from insurance companies). Can't remember I've ever been so busy. Good kind of busy!
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