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Imagine an exposition for elegant belgians. I know it's hard....

I've been there. For three days I was chosen to represent the hotel at said exposition in Antwerp. Well, it was nice to get out for a change, especially since I was joined by a very nice girl, who also happens to be the director's daughter.

To make a long story short: Loooong days, lots of standing and talking, eating late at night, drinking gallons of champagne, not getting enough sleep. I can imagine now what salesmen feel like. Oh wait, I'm a salesman! Eeeeek!

Oh well, we had fun. I got along real nice with that girl. Too bad she met someone there. A private jet-pilot. Hell, *I* even thought that guy was nice, and I'm not even gay! How many bad luck can a guy like me have? If Mr. Perfect wouldn't have shown up, I might have been succesful in asking her out.

Aaaaanyway, what else happened last week? Nothing spectacular. Parents are off on holiday. The happy island of Aruba. I know they're having a good time, and I really hope it'll help them lose some of the stress they've had to deal with in the past few months (mostly health and workrelated)

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