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Battle of the belly

Hey life, if it's war you want, it's war you get! Mwaha, no more mister nice Rob.

Been to the gym on thursday, saturday and today as well. My program has been intensified, heavier cardio and I've upgraded from the beginner's weightlifting machines to the pro ones. Now that I have lots of time off, I'm sure as hell going to spend them useful. I've got energy, I don't need to pull myself out of bed anymore every morning, I think I've lost 2 kilo's over the past few weeks and my diet pills 'dietary supplements' help me to keep on going. Goal is seven more kilo's before the summer season. I want to hit the beach without mantits.

Floormanager Holland Casino: interview this friday. First round
Assistant shopmanager T-Mobile: Selectionday tuesday 13th in The Hague for various positions
F&B Trainer Hotelschool Amsterdam: waiting for reply
Salesmonkey DeliXL (Food wholesaler): waiting for interview date (recruitmentagency wants to send me)
And in case everything falls through I can always get a job back at Huis Ter Duin (5* hotel) in banqueting or get a training and start selling pensionplans at people's homes. But these two options are the ultimate last resort (i.e. only if I really really really need a job desperately)

So when life gets you down you can stay in bed and wallow in dispair. Or fight back. I choose the latter.
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