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I noticed on next week's roster that I only have to work on tuesday. So I thought 'That's OK, boss is just using up my last few vacation days before I leave." But then he called me into his office... My successor starts Wednesday March 1st. And since there's almost NO work to be done, he's letting me go after next tuesday. He'll still pay me fully until the 15th of march, but my last working day is feb 27th. Feels weird. I hadn't expected to be leaving so soon. In stead of 'three more weeks' it's down to my last 4 shifts at the restaurant.

And then there's the joy of finding something new. Check this out:
1. Temp office arranges an interview at ABN AMRO bank in Haarlem
2. The interview goes smoothly, and I get a call that my second interview will be at another town, closer to my home (lady from first interview thought I'd appreciate that)
3. 2nd interview goes great as well. Manager there asks my cellphone # and says he'll be in touch with me a.s.a.p.
4. one week later temp office calls. They've received an email from Manager that the interview went really well, but due to internal rearranging of personnel, the job opening at that particular bank has been filled, practically rendering my great interview totally useless.

ARGH! How come I always have the worst of luck with these things? I called temp office today and they've already phoned the lady from interview 1 to tell her what happened (she's from the Human Resources department). According to the temp office, I'm now labeled TOP PRIORITY, meaning that the banklady is going to phone around checking for openings, and when she finds one, I'll be the first one to go on another interview. I'll be hearing more next monday.

And that's about it at the moment. Liquor store chain never contacted me back about their openings. Neither did the CD-store chain. I didn't make the final 10 in the Become-a-radio-newspresenter thing, so no luck there either. So now I'm thinking about applying for a job at the Zandvoort Casino. Yes, restaurant business again, yes even more irregular hours. Only thing going for it, is that the pay is awesome. Oh, and someone I know is trying to get me interested in a Multi-Level-Marketing company. I'm very, very sceptic, but I agreed to come to one of their meetings this Saturday morning. At least I'm getting a free lunch out of it ;)

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