Rob Driessen (rob_d) wrote,
Rob Driessen


I've already begun.

Item 1: Laptop. From cracked XP pro to official XP Home. I managed to find the driver for the ethernet card so that at least it could find teh intarweb again. And now windows is updating and rebooting, updating and rebooting. So nice that my original CD only has SP1a, meaning I have to survive SP2 downloadage.

I'll keep you updated. Watch this space for cheap shots at my laptop skillz.

0:30 now. Half an hour past midnight. First run of windows update: 59 updates being downloaded and installed, most of them security patches.

Edit: 2:11 am. Drivers for video and audio reinstalled. Most patches found. Now it's time for the Big One. SP2. Oh dear.
Edit: 10:00 am. Yeah, so I fell asleep. Sue me, hackrabbit :p. IE7 has installed itself in the meantime and the number of patches per update have gone down from 59 to 25 to 1 (SP2) to 2. All essential updates are done. Going for the optional now.
Edit: 1:25pm. Everything that possibly has to do with Windows has been installed and updated. Then I did the unthinkable: I copied my entire old Documents and Settings directory over the newly created one, including all hidden files and application data. And guess what? No crash so far, Thunderbird and Firefox are still working and have all data *phew*. One problem I still have is that my start-up proggies don't start up automatically anymore. No AVG, Winguard etc. in my system tray. Hmmm.

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