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- Interview Thursday 10 am, ABN AMRO bank Haarlem, productadvisor non-business clients
- Resume sent out to Gall&Gall (chain of liquorstores) for trainee-shopmanager
- Got a reply through to give a recruitmentagency in Rotterdam a call. Looking at their website they focus mainly on financial staff, excluding banks. Mweh, hesitant on that one, jobs are mostly 'go to people's homes at night and sell them insurances'
- Saw an interesting joboffer for assistant cinema-manager at Pathe Rotterdam, but that would mean irregular hours again. And too many people to manage.
- Free Record Shop wanted me to train for shopmanager (CD/DVD/Gamestore) but I'd have to start at less than 1500 euro a month. And that for at least half a year. That doesn't pay my bills, get me out of debt AND still buy me groceries.

And still no news from the newsreading show.

Edit: Jeebus, I changed some of my settings and interests on and all of a sudden I'm getting swamped with offers from financial recruitmentagencies. "U WANNA WRK @ BANK? CALL US PLZPLZPLZ. FREE CAR! OMFG!" Wow, money is big business. Tsk.
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