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The fortnightly Rob

Well, the word is out at the restaurant. They know I'm leaving. No one even said they were sorry for me, they were mostly curious to know what I was gonna do next. Temp office sent my resume to a telecom store (Orange), then phoned me back later that friday: "The good news is: They think you're an ideal candidate. The bad news is: the position was filled yesterday." Duh. Today I mailed out my resume to two music store companies (Van Leest and Free Record Shop), and I got automated replies saying that 'they'll get back to me within the next few weeks'.

This past weekend I also got to spend a lot of time with my mother and aunt Annie. I took them through the lovely town of Leiden (with the help of a booklet), and we did some shopping, eating and drinking (Needless to say my aunt loved the bar named 'Annie's Birthday'). At night we dined at a funny little restaurant named 'No Trespassing". The walls there are lined with warningsigns from all over the world (No dogs in french, no fishing in German, no something in Chinese, etc.) I had a portion 'Behind bars' (Spare ribs) while mom took the Fishing License (mixed fish) and my aunt tried the fishquotum (halibut). Funny place indeed.

I've also started to put more energy into the whole radiothing. Got my mini-podcast-studio, found a few handy websites (Hiryu: www.radioforum.nl / www.radioconsultancy.nl / www.veronicaradioschool.nl) and soon I'll get to work on my first demo. Le gasp. In the mean time I *could* also take part in a new TV show here, called "I'm gonna be a newsreader" in which you can land a job reading the news on national radio. Oh heck, why not?


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Jan. 29th, 2007 03:26 pm (UTC)
"Why not" indeed. Best of luck with that and I have to say those seem like some handy links. One point though (something I forgot to bring up with Hiryu the past weekend) is that podcasting requires a seperate fee on top of the webcasting-license. I've talked to BUMA/STEMRA and have some information at home. More to follow once I actually get home.
Jan. 29th, 2007 03:40 pm (UTC)
Well, I'm not gonna make podcasts to put up on teh intarweb. I'm gonna record shows that Hiryu and Roger (MonsterhitMusic) can stream. So I'm not building my own website/station/podcast. But thanks for the headsup, I was aware of the 'small print' :)
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