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Be my career coach

OK, I tried, I really did. I chose Hotelmanagement School because I thought it would be awesome. And school itself was, I breezed through the four years. But then the Real World (tm) entered. And the Real World was nothing like they told you at school. Now almost 8 years out of school and 5 employers later, I throw the towel in the ring. I'm not a manager, never was, never will be. Plus the irregular and many working hours of the restaurant business are starting to wear me down. I'm 29 now, my resume looks like swiss cheese, I share an apartment with two ex-colleagues, I hardly have a social life and I'm still single despite my best efforts.

Today I told my parents that my current contract won't be renewed. 8 more weeks to find something new without the unemployment office breathing down my neck. Today was also the day that my dad got the news he's going to have to get more heartsurgery done in April. Those two pieces of news combined - needless to say - hit him like a shovel, resulting in words like "I *knew* I should've talked you out of Hotelmanagement, because I knew it was going to hurt you later". And mom.... well, mothers always KNOW. Their sixth sense. Add to that a little drama sauce "Make up your mind before it's too late and you'll be stuck in crappy jobs for the rest of your life". So here I am behind my desk going over my options.

I didn't get the bankjob, but during the second (horrendous) interview, my view of the financial world changed considerably. Enough to strike the idea of going to work there.

What would I love to do? Or rather, what am I good at? Languages, writing, explaining things, reading fantasy books, gaming, listening to people, listening to all kinds of music, striking up a conversation, giving advice, there's probably a whole lot more, but at the moment my mind draws blanks. So if I (for the moment) not think about details like relevant education or experience, where could/would/should I end up?
Radio DJ? English teacher? Game store owner? Irish pub boss? Movie critic?

At this point I'd like to enlist your help, because I'm a little too emotional right now to see things clearly. If you know me, what would you see me do? Where do you think I would be happy? And please, don't tell me "you're the only one who knows what you want or can do". I'm a little lost right now, OK? Indulge me. That's all I ask.


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