Rob Driessen (rob_d) wrote,
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Killing time

So here I am at the small office at work, waiting for the last two guests to fuck off leave. We only had two tables with two guests tonight and these idiots manage to still be here, sipping their coffee for over an hour. They're too drunk/stupid to take the hints we drop. Ugh. Could've been home already. It's been a long day already. Alarmclock at 7.30am, job interview at 9. It was a tough interview - for advisor bankproducts - and I walked out with a good feeling but still with a twinge of doubt. I phoned my contact at the temp office to tell about my interview, she called the bank later today for feedback, then she called me. Turns out the bankpeople had a positive feeling about me, I said some good things. The only thing they had to remark was that I thought too lightly about the training and study involved to become an official financial advisor. I'll have to wait until after New Year's Day to hear if I'm through to the second round. There's quite a number of people wanting the job and only two positions to fill.

To make things even more interesting, I told a former colleague about my jobhunting and he's leaked some info to one of the kitchen staff. Why don't people know when to keep their big mouths shut?! So, the news isn't out in the open yet, but rumors and suspicions are starting to go around. The only one who really knows what's going on is the boss, and I'd like to keep it that way.

So that's the jobdrama. Familydrama consists of my neice who said goodbye to boys a few years ago. She then moved in with her new girlfriend, early this year they bought a house together, but after visiting a wedding together, she got second thoughts about life, kids, men and all that. So now she's back on the 'straight' path, broke up with her girlfriend, but there's still the house to split and pay. Let's say the discussion keeps the family quite busy.

Social-wise the communication between me and Loura remains mostly one way traffic. I can understand she's busybusybusy, but that doesn't mean she can't send me a simple textmessage once in a while, asking me how I'm doing. Out of the blue I got back in contact with someone else: Carmen, a girl from my former job. Sweet, fun, loves Baileys as much as I do. Only problem? 10 years younger, and I'm one of three guys she goes out with (just the movies or a bar, so she says). On the good side, I've introduced her to the gamingclub, bringing her along to the Xmas dinner and she had fun with all the boys and girls. So, as a second test, I've invited her along to the medieval dinner with all my other friends next week. *winks to the rest of the club*

I went to the gym today, enjoyed myself, going again tomorrow. Looks like I'm getting back into the rhythm, which is good.

And finally, bander scored tickets the The Chemical Brothers for me and him. I'm a happy camper. ~Hey boy, hey girl, superstar DJ, here we go!~

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