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The week that is

Monday and tuesday were long and hard.
Wednesday was spent in total laziness mode with my feet up, World of Warcraft and chinese food
Today I had Xmas-dinner with the gamingclub and I took a girl from my previous job along. Nice dinner, good company and - always the gentleman - I brought the girl home and was thanked with a big hug and three soft kisses. That made the day even better :) I'm considering taking her along to the troubadourdinner two weeks from now....
On the way home the police were doing a big alcohol-test. I got through without a problem (I never drink when I know I'll be driving with passengers) and got home around 1am.
Tomorrow I have to be at the doctor at 8.40am so he can take a look at my dry, irritated and very itchy skin on my inner thighs on both sides of my groin. Maybe I'm wearing the wrong kind of shorts, or running around too much at work. Then gymtime and the second round of HellWeek (tm) will begin.

Thursday the 21st I have a job interview at the Rabobank in Haarlem. 9am.

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